The upcoming two-day Jobs With Justice national conference will help attendees explore strategies, collaborate with their peers and discover new organizing tools in order to build stronger unions and worker organizations. The program will feature several general sessions, including discussions among workers who are organizing and winning, as well as conversations highlighting innovations in the labor movement – especially as we work together to rebalance the economy.

A variety of interactive workshops and trainings will provide opportunities to discuss what we are learning, feature experiments in new worker organizing and bargaining and highlight campaigns where we are innovating and winning. Some sessions will showcase emerging corporate accountability campaigns for communities, including the groundbreaking “Low-Wage Employer Fee” family of strategies. And with unions and worker centers redoubling their efforts to engage and sign up more members, we are planning workshops that address member engagement, tools for building stronger unions and lessons learned from organizing under the new NLRB election process. Other sessions will build on strategies that are helping immigrant workers organize in their workplaces and ensuring strong implementation of the new home care rule, so that almost two million care workers and domestic workers see the fruit of this long overdue policy change.

The conference will also offer caucusing opportunities, networking events and 30 dynamic, interactive workshops where we can roll up our sleeves, discuss strategies and focus on effective ways to organize workers so that they can take collective action, form unions and build power to bargain with their employers.
Together, we are creating a broad and comprehensive movement to rebalance the economy, provide more working men and women with a chance to stand together and expand collective bargaining here and across the world. We hope you’ll join with us in February by attending the conference! Register now.