Bargaining and a Low-Wage Employer Fee

2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday


Erica Smiley, Jobs With Justice
Will Tanzman, IIRON
Greg LeRoy, Good Jobs First
Karundi Williams, Service Employees International Union
Caroline Casteel, Colorado Jobs With Justice

A new series of strategies called “low-wage employer fees” target large, profitable companies that pay their employees low wages, forcing families to rely on public assistance to make ends meet. The fee raises funds for financially strapped programs like early childhood education, home care and other programs that support people whose wages are not enough to sustain themselves and their families. The low-wage employer fee builds on recent movements to increase wages and expands the theater in which working people are able to bargain – redefining who they can bargain with and what they can bargain for. Panelists will discuss active low-wage employer fee campaigns to assess the opportunities and challenges the strategy presents.



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December 17, 2015