Tools for Building Stronger Unions III: Expansive Union Issues

2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday

Capitol A

Erin Johansson, Jobs With Justice
Chris Goff, American Federation of Teachers
Beth Myers, Service Employees International Union Local 500
Becky McCammon, Saint Paul Federation of Teachers
Shannon Jax, Saint Paul Federation of Teachers

This workshop is part of a series aimed at providing union leaders, organizers and community allies with a set of best practices to increase their membership and member leaders. By expanding the types of issues unions address through bargaining, politics or worksite actions, unions can increase the engagement and commitment of their membership. Speakers will discuss issues ranging from tackling student debt to how to create a safe school climate for children of all races. Workshop attendees will be encouraged to share the nontraditional issues that they are working on and the impact they are seeing on their respective organizations.