Uniting Community and Labor for Schools Students Deserve

10:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Saturday


Lily Huang, Eastern Massachusetts Jobs With Justice
Domenica Pocon, La Voz de la Comunidad-Framingham member
Nelson Hernandez, La Voz de la Comunidad-Framingham member
Keron Blair, Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools
Ian Jackson, Portland Student Union
Jennifer Berkshire, Edushyster.com

Across the country, alliances of teachers unions, parents and community groups are fighting for the public “Schools Students Deserve.” This workshop explores how Jobs With Justice in Portland, Oregon and Massachusetts, in partnership with community groups and unions, are banding together to protect services and build sustainable alliances. We’ll discuss how to make union-community connections a two-way street and cement ties at the grassroots as well as leader-to-leader levels, including examples from a recent bilingual education campaign led by community members and teachers in Framingham, and a joint student-teacher campaign in Portland. The workshop will also place these local campaigns in the national context and give attendees a road map for running their own in their communities.