If you’d like to register and pay for a group of people to attend the conference, you can! Just select “I am registering a group of two or more people” when you fill out the registration form. Below are some instructions for successfully registering a group.

  1. Fill in your own information first. You will only be able to select one conference ticket, but don’t worry – you will be able to add more people later.
  2. Click “Calculate Total,” then “Submit Registration.”
  3. You should now see another page with more detailed instructions on paying by credit card or check. In the top right corner, there is a box with several options. Select “Add Group Member.”
  4. You should now see a confirmation page, with a prompt to “Enter Your Email Address” – but do not enter your own email address, instead enter the email address of the person you want to register.
  5. You should now have a fresh registration page. Fill in all the info for the second person you are registering. It will prompt you to create a password for this person. We suggest you use the same password for all members of your group to make it easier to remember in case you need to change their registration info later.
  6. After you submit the second registration, repeat the process until you’re done. Then you can check out and pay for the registrations as a group.Note: You do not need to do all your registrations in the same session. You will be able to log in to edit your registration from the main registration page, and use the same process to add new group members. You will also be able to edit all registrations in your group if you need to change details (such as dietary options or child care needs), or change the name of the person you are registering. To edit registration details, select “Group Leader Dashboard” from the side bar. You will see instructions on how to do various group management tasks, and beneath that a list of all your group members. You can edit individual registrations by selecting the “Edit” button to the left of a person’s name.

Questions? Email us at conference@jwj.org.